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Sophos Central Email - introduction

Stop spam and unwanted emails
Comprehensive protection for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and many other email providers.

The Sophos Secure Email Gateway gives you an additional layer of protection between an email and your mailbox. So before you open an email in the future, Sophos has already scanned it for suspicious content, attachments or URLs. The latest anti-malware and phishing detection technologies are used to detect even the most recent threats.

You can use the Sophos Email Gateway with your own mail server or Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and many other email providers.

Emergency Inbox

After Sophos Central Email Gateway has checked a message, it is forwarded to the mail server. Now, it can happen that the mail server is not available for whatever reason. In this case, Sophos Central Email Gateway has an emergency inbox. All undeliverable emails are stored there for 14 days and can be viewed at any time. As soon as the server is available again, these mails will be delivered accordingly.

Sophos Central Email - emergency inbox
Sophos Central Email - spoofing protection

Protection Against Deception

You must know that it is very easy to define the sender's address of an email completely freely. So I could theoretically take an email address from your address book and send you a message with this sender.

This technique is often used in phishing attacks to convince you that your bank or other trustworthy contact has sent you an important message. With a sender you know, the chances of opening the email and following the instructions will increase.

Sophos Central Email Gateway can detect and alert you to these deceptions.

Content Filtering

Sophos Central Email Gateway has powerful anti-spam protection. Each message is analyzed and gets a spam value. You can set the spam filter's strength using the three levels of the default settings. You also determine what to do with emails categorized as spam. You can either have them delivered anyway, move them to the quarantine area or delete them immediately.

Sophos Central Email - content filtering
Sophos Central Email - gateway quarantine

Email Quarantine

By default, blocked emails are moved to quarantine. They remain there for 30 days before being deleted. With Sophos Central Email Gateway, you can send your employees a periodical quarantine report. All messages that were blocked and not delivered are listed there. A quick look at the checkpoint is enough to detect emails that have been mistakenly marked as spam.

Of course, every user can also view his or her quarantine, find out the reason for the blocking or have the email forwarded to his or her mailbox.

Sophos Email dashboard and reports
Sophos Email tour
Office 365 with Sophos Central Email

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