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Protect your data in the event of loss or theft with the help of a
hard disk or file encryption by Sophos.

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Sophos Central Device Encryption overview

Hard disk encryption
Your data is safe, even if you have lost your device.

Both Windows and macOS offer the possibility to encrypt your hard disk. If you lose your device or it gets stolen, your data is still safe.

Setting up this hard disk encryption on a computer is not difficult and can be done with just a few clicks. It only becomes complex when every computer in the company is to be protected. This is exactly where Sophos Central Device Encryption can help, providing you with a central management console to enable hard disk encryption on multiple computers (Windows 7+ and macOS 10.10+). For the encryption, the system's own device encryption is used. For Windows this is "BitLocker" and for macOS "FileVault 2" is used.

Sophos Central Device Encryption also helps you manage recovery keys in case a user forgets their password.

File encryption
Expected to be available in Sophos Central in 2018.

Previously, Sophos Safeguard had to be used to provide a comprehensive data security solution. However, Sophos Safeguard needs its own server and is not the right choice for every company. Sophos Central File Encryption comes for Windows and macOS in Q1 2018, so it doesn't matter where you want to store your files. They remain encrypted even if you transfer them to network drives, USB sticks or the cloud.

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Sophos File Encryption overview
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