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Sophos Central Mobile - overview

Protecting mobile devices with Sophos
Management of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices

Mobile devices have been part of a corporate infrastructure for some time now. Unfortunately, it has not been so easy to manage, protect, grant or revoke these devices in a company network. With Sophos Central Mobile, formerly known as Mobile Control, that is now a thing of the past as you get secure and comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with a host of features at your fingertips. You can manage iOS (8), Android (4.2) and Windows 10 devices centrally and, for example, you can determine which apps may or may not be installed.

Sophos Central Mobile makes mobile device management a breeze. Finally, the balancing act between private and business is successful and makes BYOD (bring your own device) a realizable possibility.

Define device profiles
Manage settings for iOS, Android and Windows.

In order to integrate a mobile device into the daily business routine, some settings usually have to be made. There are email inboxes, Wi-Fi or VPN passwords, roaming and hotspot policies, a secure password to unlock the device and so much more. In addition, you don't have to give the user all the freedom he or she needs and you should limit various functions. Does it have to be able to install new apps, for example? Can he access the camera and take pictures with the device?

Making all these settings manually on each device is tedious and takes time. Sophos Central Mobile gives you a wide range of configuration options for iOS, Android and Windows, which you can save as a profile and roll out to any number of devices with a single click.

Sophos Central Mobile - compliance guidelines

Compliance guidelines
Devices that do not comply with the guidelines remain outside.

There are a wide variety of models of smartphones or tablets that are taken to work every day. From a security point of view, not every device meets the requirements for access to the company network.

To ensure that only the devices that meet your security standards are allowed to enter the network, Sophos Central Mobile provides you with a set of compliance guidelines. For example, specify which version of the operating system must be installed or prohibit devices with a jailbreak. Don't let smartphones or tablets that can be unlocked without a password stand a chance!

App Management
Installing apps on multiple devices has never been easier.

Depending on how often mobile devices are integrated into the company's everyday life, there are of course certain apps that should not be missing.

In Sophos Central Mobile, you can find apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install them directly on multiple devices. It is also possible to upload your own applications to Sophos Central Mobile and distribute them to corporate devices.

Sophos Central Email - app management
Sophos Secure Email App

Secure Email
Secure access to emails, contacts and calendars.

It is not recommended to synchronize your company's emails, contacts, and calendar with an employee's personal smartphone or tablet. The risk of unauthorized persons or other apps gaining access to sensitive company data is simply too great. Without the user wanting to do this, company contacts suddenly appear on WhatsApp or an email is sent by mistake via the business address. With Sophos Secure Email, however, there is a solution for separating private from business.

Sophos Secure Email is an app for iOS and Android and is part of Sophos Mobile Advanced. Sophos Secure Email offers an email client, address book and calendar in one app. By creating a secure Sophos container that runs completely isolated from the rest of the system, these addressed security issues can be resolved.

All company data is encapsulated and encrypted within the container.

Secure Workspace
Secure data storage for sensitive company data.

Sophos Central Mobile Advanced lets you securely distribute corporate documents to mobile devices. This requires the Secure Workspace App for iOS and Android, which provides a file manager and a secure web browser. As with Secure Email, a secure Sophos container is created here as well.

You can distribute documents via Sophos Central Mobile by uploading each document individually. Another possibility would be the use of a cloud memory such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. If a file is loaded from the Secure Workspace to such a cloud memory, file encryption is automatically used. The provider of the cloud memory therefore has no way to view the files. If you are suspicious of such services, you can also use your own WebDAV.

As mentioned above, the Secure Workspace app also has an integrated web browser. With Sophos Central Mobile, you can create bookmarks and distribute them to all devices.

Sophos Secure Workspace App
Sophos Mobile Security App

Mobile Security
Practical toolbox to increase security on mobile devices.

Mobiel Security is a security solution for Android and iOS, although the functionality of the two platforms is very different for technical reasons. Devices with Android receive a malware scanner, protection against malicious websites and a category-based web filter. Mobile security also protects you from call and SMS spam. With the Privacy Advisor, you can also expose apps that have permissions that they don't really need.

For both platforms there is an OTP generator for 2-factor authentication and a security advisor, which informs about the current state of the system.

Mobile security is part of Sophos Central Mobile Advanced, but can also be used as a standalone solution under the name of "Sophos Central Mobile Security".

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