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Users behind a computer are the most likely target for phishing attacks. With Sophos Phish Threat, you can simulate attacks that help your staff identify phishing websites or phishing emails and prevent them from falling for phishing attempts in the future.

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Sophos Central Phish Threat - overview

User training
Helps you identify phishing websites or phishing emails.

The quality of phishing websites and phishing emails has evolved to such an extent that it has become almost impossible for ordinary everyday users to detect a phishing attack. In the past, language, spelling and layout were good clues for fraud, but nowadays these distinguishing features are no longer helpful. Since a phishing attack always involves a person sitting behind a computer and having to recognize the danger, training of employees is therefore indispensable.

That's exactly what Sophos Phish-Threat is for. It helps you simulate attacks so that you and your staff get a sense of which emails or websites you might want to close better.

Info: At this point in time, Sophos Phish Threat is only available to users who have stored their data from Sophos Central in the US West Datacenter (Release EU in 2017 Q4).

Sophos Central Phish Threat - getting started

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