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Getting started with sophos wireless

Central WLAN management
Easy deployment and management

With Sophos Central Wireless, you can easily configure your Sophos Access Points from your Central Account. Connect an access point to the Internet and register it by entering the serial number in your Sophos Central account. Then you can start configuring and create a secure wireless network. As soon as the access point is in operation, you will see the status of your WiFi and all connected clients.

If you wish, you can also set up a separate guest network with a daily password for visitors or external staff.

Simple configuration

After you register one or more Sophos Access Points in Sophos Central Wireless, you will need to configure a new network. But Sophos Central Wireless does it all with just a few clicks. You simply create a new SSID, name your network, choose a secure encryption method (WPA / WPA2 / WEP), define an encryption algorithm (AES TKIP/AES) and determine the desired frequency band (2.4 and / or 5 GHz). Of course, the setting of a secure password must not be missing at the end. This configuration then only needs to be assigned to one access point.

If you don't want the WiFi to be available at all times, you can also set a time limit.

Sophos Central Wireless SSID settings
Sophos Central Wireless sites

Manage locations

Keeping track of multiple access points quickly becomes a challenge. With Sophos Central Wireless, you'll never reach your limits when it comes to keeping track of your network. Simply enter a location description for each access point. If there are several branch offices, you can even add the address to see the distribution on Google Maps.

Aren't you sure two access points on your floor are enough? Just upload a floor plan and simulate the distribution of your devices.

Create guest networks

Sophos Central Wireless gives you the ability to create guest networks. This will create a secure area for visitors or devices that you don't want to have on your corporate network. Authentication can be done with daily, weekly or monthly passwords generated according to a fixed schedule. Once a new password has been created, you can notify your administrators or selected users by email.

Another way to authenticate is to use the voucher codes. This generates different codes that can be used indefinitely or have a certain validity period.

Sophos Central Wireless - create guest networks
Sophos Central Wireless - mesh network

Increase the range of coverage

Sophos Access Points and Sophos Wireless allow you to connect APs without an Internet connection. With the so-called "mesh mode" the WiFi area can be enlarged in a very uncomplicated way. The SSID is passed on to each access point. The advantage of this is that the wireless network can also be expanded without cables. The access point gets the network from the nearest access point and passes it on to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device.

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