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Pay only for the Central products you need, and only as long as you use them
without any long-term commitment or complex licensing.

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Monthly billing
Plannable, use-dependent costs

With Sophos Central subscription, all Central products are instantly and fully available to you. You can try all the features without paying for them first. On the 22nd of every month (1:00 AM GMT) we always check the current status of your used licenses.

We will automatically charge your subscription at the end of the month via your credit card. You will then receive the paid invoice for your accounting as a PDF by email.

Your Central Account shows at any time which products are active and will be charged at the end of the month. You can calculate the estimated monthly invoice amount yourself using our price table.

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Sophos Central License Info


For our customers from Switzerland we add an additional 7.7% VAT to these prices.

Endpoint Protection

Sophos Central Endpoint Standard

CHF 2.50 /user/month
2.38 /user/month
$ 2.63 /user/month

Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced

CHF 3.90 /user/month
3.71 /user/month
$ 4.10 /user/month

Sophos Central Endpoint Intercept X

CHF 3.20 /user/month
3.05 /user/month
$ 3.36 /user/month

Server Protection

Sophos Central Server Standard

CHF 4.55 /server/month
4.33 /server/month
$ 4.78 /user/month

Sophos Central Server Advanced

CHF 8.90 /server/month
8.48 /server/month
$ 9.35 /user/month


Sophos Central Mobile Advanced

CHF 5.45 /user/month
5.00 /user/month
$ 5.72 /user/month

Sophos Central Mobile Security

CHF 3.15 /user/month
3.00 /user/month
$ 3.31 /user/month


Sophos Central Wireless Standard
(AP15 / AP15c)

CHF 5.00 /access point/month
4.76 /access point/month
$ 5.25 /user/month

Sophos Central Wireless Standard

CHF 10.00 /access point/month
9.52 /access point/month
$ 10.50 /user/month


Sophos Central Email Standard

CHF 2.50 /user/month
2.38 /user/month
$ 2.63 /user/month


Sophos Central Device Encryption

CHF 2.80 /user/month
2.67 /user/month
$ 2.94 /user/month


Sophos Central Web Gateway Advanced

CHF 4.60 /user/month
4.38 /user/month
$ 4.83 /user/month


Sophos Central Phish Threat

CHF 6.20 /user/month
5.70 /user/month
$ 6.51 /user/month

Why our customers
chose the Sophos Central subscription.

With our Sophos Central subscription, you won't find a quicker and easier way to enjoy more security with Sophos Central products. Our customers know that too.

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StarApps GmbH

“Avanet's Sophos Licensing Portal is very user-friendly. It contains all the expected functions and is pleasant to use. The "Pay-as-you-go" model is very practical for us.“

Urs K.

“The new AVANET-Sophos licensing portal is fully functional and easy to use. The monthly licensing model for Endpoint Protection is a) clearer, b) more customer-friendly because only one license can be purchased, c) the costs remain relatively low and the service can be "cancelled" on a monthly basis.“

Ernesto W. - Syntec Instruments AG

“The ability to use all Sophos products without any additional effort is extremely convenient in fast-changing environments, and the cost is also lower than with "normal" licensing. Unfortunately, it is currently only possible to pay by credit card and not by invoice.“

Christian B.

“Internally, we have decided to replace our existing security solution with Sophos Central. We will do this step by step as our licenses are gradually expiring. Thanks to the Sophos Central subscription, our IT department can now install one client at a time without stress. At the end of the month we only pay for what we have installed at the moment. Apart from that, the price-performance ratio is sensational!“

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Sophos Central for free first?

Yes, you can test Sophos Central free of charge for 30 days without obligation. However, the trial account cannot be converted to a Sophos Central subscription after the trial period has expired. So, if you decide to buy a Sophos Central subscription after 30 days, you will receive a new Sophos Central account. All configurations that you have already made in your test account cannot be imported.
IMPORTANT: If you decide to sign up for a trial account first, do not use the email address you want to use for your productive Central Account later on. The email address can only be used once.

Create a free trial account

I already have a Sophos Central account. Can I change to the Sophos Central subscription?

No. If you already have a Sophos Central account, it cannot be converted to a Sophos Central subscription. We need to create a new Sophos Central account for you. All configurations that you have already made in your existing account cannot be imported.

Which payment methods are supported?

For a Sophos Central subscription we require a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, no prepaid cards).

Which currencies are accepted?

Sophos Central subscription is currently available in either Swiss francs (CHF) or euros. Customers from Switzerland are currently automatically charged in CHF for the subscription, while customers from Germany and Austria receive the subscription at the specified Euro prices. It will be possible to choose the desired currency later on.

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